Mihai Timofti


2 Gold Medals
Master of Arts (2007)



Born on 19 September in 1948.

1965 -
Started the artistic activity as an actor.
1967 -
Graduated from Music School “Eugeniu Coca” (in present Music Lyceum” Ciprian Porumbescu” ) at clarinet specialty.  
Graduated from State Conservatory „G.Musicescu” (faculty – Drama Director),  
1971 - 1981
– Director and actor at film studio „ Moldova –Film”. He mounted about 40 documentary and music movies and short movies. Actor in the movie “The fiddles" of the producer Emil Loteanu.
– Graduated from State Conservatory „N.Rimski-Korsakov” in Leningrad (Sankt-Petersburg), faculty – Opera Director.
1984 - 1985
– Director at the Theatre of Music Comedy, Orenburg. Mounted:” Leopold Cat Birthday” by B.Saveliev (the first mounting in the Soviet Union), „ Rose-Mari ” by Friml and Stotgardt.
Since 1986
–  Chief-Director of the Theatre of Music Comedy, Saransk. Performances: Operetta „ Waltz King ”  by J.Strauss, Comic Opera „ Dorotea ” by T.Hrennikov, Music Comedy „ Donna Lucia ” by O.Felţman.
1989 - 1990
– Director at the Music Theatre Tomsk–7. He mounted: The Music Comedy for Children „ The treasure of Capitan Flint ” by B.Saveliev, Comic Opera „ Dorotea ” de T.Hrennikov.
Since 18 April 1990 – Director at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre – Mounted:
– The music performance for children" Ugly Duckling " by I. Kovaci.
– An Evening of Operetta  „ Ball - Surprise ” – Director and  screenplay Mihai Timofti.
– The operas: „ Lucia di Lammermoor ” by G.Donizetti and „Peter Pan” by L. Profetta.
– The Musical "Fantasy of Christmas" Director and screenplay Mihai Timofti.
– Opera „ Carmen ” by G.Bizet
– Opera „ Aida ” by G.Verdi
– Opera „ Die Fledelmaus” by J.Strauss (english version) and play the role of Frosch.
– Theatrical Concert "Longing for Eminescu" (director and screenplay)
– The Operetta "The Merry Widow" by F. Lehár (in russian) (director and play the role of Frosch)
– The Opera "Trubadurul" de  G. Verdi. The Operetta "Die Fledermaus" by J. Strauss (in romanian) (director and play the role of Frosch)



(From 1971 to 1981: Mihai Timofti turned out about 40 documentary and short musical films.)
The Drama performance "Macbeth" by W. Shakespeare
The Musical "Birthday of Leopold the Cat" by B. Saveliev (First staged in the Soviet Union)
The Musical "The Treasure of Captain Flint" by B. Saveliev
The Opera "Manon Lescaut" by G. Puccini
The Comic Opera "Dorothea" by T. Hrennikov
The Operetta "The king of Waltz" by J. Strauss
The Musical "Donna Lucia" by O. Feltsman
The Operetta "Silva" by I.Kalman
The Operetta "The Count of Luxembourg" by Lehar
The Musical "An Ugly Duckling" children’s opera by I.Kovach
The Operetta "The Story of the Lead Soldier" by D. Capoianu
The Operetta "Mademoiselle Nitouche" by F. Hervé
The Musical "Fantasy of Christmas" by Mihai Timofti
The Operetta Evening  "The Ball – Surprise" by Mihai Timofti
The children’s opera “Peter Pan” by L. Profetta
The Opera "Lucia di Lammermoor" by Donizetti
The Operetta "Rose – Mary" by Friml and Stothart
The Opera "Otello" by G. Verdi
The Opera "Carmen" by G. Bizet
The Opera "Aida" by G. Verdi
The Operetta "Die Fledermaus" by J. Strauss (english version)
Theatrical Concert "Longing for Eminescu"
The Operetta "The Merry Widow" by F. Lehár (in russian)
The Opera "The Troubadour" de  G. Verdi
The Operetta "Die Fledermaus" by J. Strauss (in romanian)

Coordinating director at the performances:

„ Adriana Lecouvreur ” by F. Cilea
„ The Barber of  Sevilla ” by G. Rossini
„ Boema ” by G. Puccini
„ Madama Butterfly ” by G. Puccini
„ Norma ” by Bellini
„ Othello ” by G. Verdi
„ Rigoletto ” by G. Verdi
„ Tosca ” by G. Puccini
„ Turandot ” by G. Puccini


The Musical "The Dreams and Troubles" by M. Timofti — Take
The Drama performance "Serghei Lazo" by G. Timofte — holder of order
The Drama performance "Victim" by G. Timofte — romanian officer
The Drama performance "A Noisy Love" by G. Timofte — Nicolae
The Film "Lăutarii" by E. Loteanu — Vasile
The Vaudeville "The Hussar`s Matchmaking"Hussar
The Drama performance "The Death of Theodore Ioanovich"Boyar Kleshnin
The Drama performance "The Dead Souls" by N. Gogol — Nozdryov
The Drama performance "Macbeth" by W. Shakespeare — Macbeth
The Musical "Birthday of Leopold the Cat" by B. Saveliev — Cat Leopold
The Operetta "Die Fledermaus" by J. Strauss (English Version) — Frosch
The Operetta "The Merry Widow" by F. Lehár (in russian) — Njegus
The Operetta "Die Fledermaus" by J. Strauss (in romanian) — Frosch


The Musical "Fantasy of Christmas"
The Operetta Evening "The Ball – Surprise"
Theatrical Concert "Longing for Eminescu"


The Musical "The Dreams and Troubles" (libretto: G.Timofte)


Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, Trumpet, Saxophone.


Romania, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland etc...

Presa despre Mihai Timofti


"...The children's performance "The Ugly Duckling" is played for the 32nd time on the stage of the Moldavian Theatre of Opera and Ballet. The house is full. It is the last day of autumn vacantion, and kiddies came to celebrate the occasion. And the festival took place...The fairy-tale in a new attire was presented to the children by the actor of most difficult genre - the opera... Wonderful are godsends of the performance Director Mihail Vasilievich Timofti. We hope that in his person we are blessed with an interesting, telented, ingenious professional who will gladden us with new performances..."

( "Independent Moldova" , the 14th of November, 1991. )



"...- My dear, I should like to tell you about the performance as a whole. The vision of the Director (M.Timofti) is modern, the scenography is up-to-date and generally speaking all the performance is contemporary. The text remained the same, the music is the same, but everything is read in a new fashion. We must strive forward. It is a beautiful performance, I liked it very much, it is staged well. The audience liked it very much, applause proves that..."

(From the interview with the soloist of the N. Leonard Galats Musical Theatre, Margareta Chiss of the first night of the operetta " Mademoiselle Nitouche" by Herve, Romania, "Viata libera", the 13th of January, 1993.)




"...Special mention must also be made of Mihai Timofti as Frosch: to sustain a long solo comic scene such as that in Act III is difficult enough, but to do it in a foreign language and still get the audience laughing is quite a feat..."

(Sunderland, Peter Lathan, 2006)




"...It is seldom that a nonsinging role steals the limelight, but that was exactly what Mihai Timofti did as the drunken jailor Frosch. His was a demonstration of comic timing at its best..."

(The Courier & Advertiser, 23 noiembrie 2006)




"...Alfredo and Eisenstein went off to the clink where Mihai Timofti, far more comic and confident than Yuri Stamati's inaudible lawyer, Dr. Blind, was a joy as the bumbling and drunk jailor who orchestrated the final theatrics under falling stars..."

(Cumberland News Website, 7 decembrie 2006)



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