Cristina Terentiev


Master of Arts 2007

People`s Artist 2015


Terentieva (Borta) Cristina Iurievna
Born in 1983 in Chisinau
1991- 2000 - studied at the Choreographic School of Chisinau
1994 – obtained diploma of the Minkus Association 
1996 – II prize on the international concurs in Constanta, Romania
1998 – Diploma on the international concurs in Varna, Bolgaria (was handed by the members of the jury – N. Bessmertnova and N. Makarova)
1998 – received the Diploma from the international organization “Deagylev”
2000 – was enrolled as leading ballerina to the National Opera and Ballet Theatre 
Direct the repertoire with her husband – leading dancer Alexei Terentiev - Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Nutcracker, Don Quixote, Chopiniana, The Wayward daughter, Cipollino.
2001- 2003 – worked with her husband at Atlantic Ballet Theatre, Canada, where they directed the repertoire as leading dancers
2007 – won the Grand Prix on the international competition of ballet artists in Vienna, Austria 
2008 - 23rd International Ballet Competition in Varna:
- Gold Medal, 1st award of the competition
- Award for original contemporary choreography by Radu Poklitaru
- Special award from jury
- Award from “Sansha”, general sponsor.

Are working (preparing the plays) with the Honored artist of Moldova, prima ballerina Olga Vasilievna Gurievskaya.

Calendar of Performances:

Informații la numărul de telefon: 022 24 51 04