Eugeniu Tcaci

Om Emerit



Born on  December 28th 1976  in Chisinau.

Graduated  from the Chisinau Choreographic College in 1995. Joined the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in the same year.

Evghenii won the 2nd prize at the International Ballet Competition in Constantsa in 1998.

Worked in the Ballet Theatre “O. Danovski” in Constantsa (Romania).
Speaks Russian, Romanian.



Jig ("Don Quixote" L.Mincus)

Clown ("Swan Lake" P. Tchaikovsky)

Puss in boots ("The Sleeping Beauty" P.Tchaikovsky)

Prince Nutcracker ("Nutcracker" P.Tchaikovsky)

He-devil Doll ("Nutcracker" P.Tchaikovsky)

Russian Doll ("Nutcracker" P.Tchaikovsky)

Happy ("Snow White and 7 dwarfs" B. Pawłowski)

Mercutio ("Romeo and Juliet" S.Prokofiev)

Benvolio ("Romeo and Juliet" S.Prokofiev)

Professor Pear ("Cipollino" K.Khachaturyan)
Gardener Cactus ("Cipollino" K.Khachaturyan)


Romania, Ireland, the UK, The UK, Holland, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Beirut.

Calendar of Performances:

Informații la numărul de telefon: 022 24 51 04