Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


While visiting a farm with his parents one day, Mozart heard a pig squeal. "G-sharp!" he exclaimed. The curious party promptly ran to a piano; G-sharp it was.
The budding composer was just two years old.

Young Mozart

At the advanced age of six, Mozart accompanied his father, Leopold, and his gifted elder sister on a European tour. "My daughter, twelve years old, and my son of seven," he once advertised, "will execute the concertos of the greatest masters on several kinds of pianos, and my son on the violin likewise. My son will cover the fingerboard of the piano with a cloth and play as if it were uncovered. He will guess, both standing near or at any distance, and name any sound on piano, on a bell, or any other instrument. In conclusion, he will improvise as long as desired, both on the organ and the piano in all keys, even the most difficult, as anyone may choose."


A young man once asked Mozart for advice on composing a symphony. Mozart replied that, as he was still young, he might begin by composing ballads.
"But you wrote symphonies when you were only ten years old," the boy objected. "Yes," Mozart retorted. "But I didn't have to ask for advice."


At the final rehearsal of Don Giovanni in Prague, Mozart was greatly disappointed by the young singer playing Zerlina. Though instructed to scream when faced with Don Giovanni's advances, she failed to do so with sufficient convinction, despite Mozart's repeated entreaties. At last, his patience running out, Mozart left his seat at the conductor's desk, crept onto the darkened stage, and suddenly appeared and pinched her arm. As expected, she issued a loud shriek. "Admirable!" Mozart exclaimed. "Mind you scream like that tonight!"

Future Queen of France

On his 1762 visit to Schonbrunn, the Austrian royal palace, Mozart, playing with the young princesses, slipped on a polished floor. Bursting into tears, he was picked up and comforted by a seven-year-old Marie Antoinette. Mozart then kissed the future queen of France: "You are nice," he declared. "I will marry you."

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