Photo Exhibition- Magic of Theater 27th of march/ News

Friday, 25th of March, 11.00 a.m, "Maria Biesu" National Opera and Ballet Theater invites the audience to the photo exhibition entitled "MAGIC OF THEATRE" photographer Kucera Ludmila, member of the Union of Art Photographers from the Republic of Moldova. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of World Theater Day, which is celebrated annually on 27th of March. World Theater Day comes to mark the undeniable role of the Theater in the development of humanity, as well as the work of all those who eternalize theater art. The exhibition will provide photos from various opera and ballet spectacles, exclusive moments from lyrical art of Moldova. It's a sign of gratitude and thanksgiving to all workers and artists of "Maria Biesu" National Opera and Ballet Theater for the performances they have offered to us, for their titanic creative work and sumptuous emotions offered to the beloved audience. 25th March, 11:00 a.m, lobby of "Maria Biesu" National Opera and Ballet Theater Photo exhibition "MAGIC OF THEATRE"! You are welcome and Happy birthday, dear people of Theater!

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