Recently, Master Andriy Yurkevych, retrieved function of General Music Conductor of the Theatre, at the invitation of the General Director, Valeria Seican. The world renowned conductor inspired breath, strength and color to our artistic team, ensuring perfection, temperament, amazing fantasy and innovative programs that will enable a natural integration into the European lyric big family. Charismatic and adored by the public, Andriy Yurkevych cooperated many times with our theater, conducting firmly orchestra and scene not only for ordinary performances, international festivals, but also to the premiere of the brilliant opera “The elixir of love”, who signed for the music conducting. The orchestra conducted by Master Andriy Yurkevych perfectly with deep sensitivity, flexibility and suggestive gestures, excels full of energy and spirit. 
On October 2, 2011 the National Opera has charmed audiences from Chişinău, presenting the most famous opera in the world "Carmen". The audience had the unique opportunity to enjoy the charm of music signed by Grand Master G. Bizet, orchestra conductor Razvan Cernat. An enthusiastic spectator, a splendid success under the leadership of a renowned master Razvan Cernat, but also the performance of high soloists, choir and orchestra triumphed offering a gift to music lovers. 
The National Opera continues with autumnal surprises. 
Fans and music lovers are welcome!

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