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On the National Theatre stage

On  28 October 2011, at 18.00 the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet  will offer to its public a unique opportunity to enjoy the drama of unfulfilled love which confused a lot of generations and inspired personalities of world culture in the creation of the masterpieces.

Tragic and tender love story of Romeo and Juliet will be presented to the public in a new choreography of Andrei Litvinov Maestru în Artă based on libretto written by L. Lavrovskii.

The show is a collaboration project with the Moscow Ballet and is mainly intended to the public from Western countries.

The protagonists of the performance - Natalia Balan (Juliet) and Anatol Ustimov (Romeo) already known and loved by the national choreographic art admirers will embody the magic of the music of Sergei Prokofiev together with  ballet soloists of Moscow Ballet : Nicolae Hozin, Aibulat Abdrakhmanov, Margarita Bologan, Gulinara Khusnullina, Evghenia Agafonova and others.


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