Don Giovanni

Original name: Don Giovanni
Libretto: Lorenzo da Ponte

Stage Director: Eleonora Constantinov Maestru Emerit al Artei
Set Designer: Irina Press
Costume Designer: Irina Press
Choreography: Eugen GîrneţMaestru in Artă
Music Director: Nicolae Dohotaru Maestru in Artă, Mihail Secichin Maestru in Artă

World Premiere: 29 october 1787, at National Theatre, Praga.
Premiere in Chisinau: 6 october 2007, at National Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Republic of Moldova.

The protagonists

Don Giovanni
Donna Anna
Donna Elvira
Don Ottavio




„I am convinced that in music field the beauty achieved the peak point - Mozart”.

Pyotr Tchaikovsky

The history of creation

The subject of this work is inspired by a Spanish legend, appeared in the Middle Ages  about Don Giovanni, an adventurer and a great conqueror of women. Acquiring popularity in Europe, the subject of such legends served as inspiration for many poets and composers.Among them was Mozart too being fascinated by the ancient legend and didn’t preclude the temptation to create an opera, tragicomedy, where was put the accent on the combination between tragicalness and comical of reality and divinity creating a drama of contrast, which has been guaranteed the success.

The action takes place in Sevilla XVII-XVIII century.


“Walk near of the Commander house, Leporello grumbles angry. He was fed up with humiliation taken from his master. With the face hidden under a mask, Don Giovanni rushed down stairs followed by Donna Anna, the daughter of Commander. The revolt against unknown who seduced her is stiring in her soul with admiration for his irresistible charm. This scene is interrupted by the appearance by the commodore seeing him draw the sword.   But his arm will worship to her youth. Hit by death, Commander collapses. Don Giovanni is consuming himself in the darkness of night. Near the body of Commandore Donna Anna swears to take the revenge. Don Ottavio, her fiancй swears to help her. Barely escaped from this dangerous adventure Don Giovanni is ready for another one being tempted by attractive silhouette of a woman who sees her in the street. Disappointed when he realizes that it meet again Donna Elvira his ex girlfriend that follow him with reproaches and her love Don Giovanni tries to become invisible, letting Leporello to resolve the situation. He comforts Donna Elvira showing his unfinished impressive catalog of the master’s victim. Meanwhile Don Giovanni chooses a neqw one: Bride of Masetto - beautiful Zerlina. Wedding guests are ushered to spend at his palace.Masetto who understood the intensions of Don Giovanni wants revenge. Leporello do everything possible to calm him while his master tries to convince Zerlina about his feelings.Inappropriate appearance of Donna Elvira broke everything.The unfortunate woman reveals the raw truth to Zerlinei, which she found out from Leporello. Donna Anna together with Don Ottavio come to ask the support of Don Giovanni in finding killer of commodore. Knight offered his support.

Meanwhile, in the garden of his palace Don Giovanni is more cheerful than ever. Festival which is given in honor of Zerlinei is a grand one. Those two fiancйs, Masetto and Zerlina are together but the emergence of Don Giovanni arouses the Masetto's jealousy again. In the garden appeared three masked guests: Donna Elvira, Donna Anna and Don Ottavio. Leporello invited them and they enter the Palace. Careless, Don Giovanni does not pay much attention to guests being concerned with his victory this time will come later.  Donna Elvira, Donna Anna and Don Ottavio accuse the Knight of crimes committed. Being found Don Giovanni with sword in hand disappears into the depths of the palace.


Wearing clothes of his master Leporello enter the apartment of Donna Elvira. Deceived by passionate words said by her lover Donna Elvira with Leporello disappears. Unhindered, Don Giovanni can address words of love to the maid of Donna Elvira. But instead of the expected Masetto is emerging with a gang of armed men behind him. Taking his him as Leporello because of clothes Masetto listen to the advice of Don Giovanni sending the people to look for the master. Realizing his error too late Masetto receive a terrific beating from Don Giovanni which disappears into the night. Zerlinei caresses will console Masetto. Meanwhile, Donna Elvira and Leporello arrived in garden of commodore. Trying to escape he is seen surrounded by enemies of his master, Donna Anna, Don Ottavio, Masetto want death for guilty. Revealing his identity Leporello escapes. Overwhelmed by pain after this new problems created by Don Giovanni, Donna Elvira feels mercy and compassion and feeling that it will not delay the punishment. Don Ottavio consoles his fiancee.

In the cemetery where he hid with Leporello, Don Giovanni sees the statue of Commander which was killed. He calls him at the party in his palace.  To horror of Leporello, the statue seems to tilt his head in token of consent. A booming voice announces the end of Don Giovanni. Without taking into account the terrible warning he went away.

In his palace, Don Giovanni is taking the dinner. Donna Elvira makes one final attempt to regain the love of the knight. But his hopes are hit by a stinging contempt. Withdrew Donna Elvira remains unmoved in threshold as well as Leporello. Commander Statue climbs the stairs. He came to fulfill the revenge. Flames rose from all sides and walls collapse, Don Giovanni's last minute arrived.Touch, hand statue thrill send them death "1.

1 Constantinescu, G., Caraman-Fotea, D. Ghid de operă. – Bucureşti, 1971.

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