Mozart and Salieri

Original name: Моцарт и Сальери
Libretto: Alexandr Pushkin After Small tragedies by Alexandr Pushkin

Stage Director: Eleonora Constantinov Maestru Emerit al Artei
Set Designer: Irina Press
Costume Designer: Irina Press
Music Director: Mihail Secichin Maestru in Artă

World Premiere: 7 december 1898, at „S.I.Mamontov”Theatre.
Premiere in Chisinau: 28 may 2009, at National Theatre of Opera and Ballet

The protagonists




“Mozart is the sweet light of the sun.”.

Antonin Dvorak

The history of creation

Rimski-Korsakov, an ardent admirer of the creative poet Aleksandr Pushkin, after reading the small tragedies of Mozart and Salieri decides to write an opera based on this topic. As a true servant of art, crossing in front of Mozart's genius, Rimski-Korsakov created a masterpiece of Russian classical opera, which enjoy a great success and far.


Antonio Salieri, Italian composer, Mozart's contemporary through hard work, self-dedication and perseverance became one of the most appreciated composers of the XVIII century. But his name starts is overshadowed with the appearance of Mozart on the great stages of Austria.

One day Mozart accompanied by an old fiddler who sang on street the famous fragments came to visit Salieri.  Latter, dissatisfied with unprofessional violinist send him away.  Meanwhile Mozart sits at the piano and read new fantasy. Salieri remains deeply touched by the hearsay. Acknowledging the genius of Mozart, Salieri decides to get rid of him.

Salieri and Mozart are taking the dinner together. Mozart is calm. His thoughts are turning to the man dressed in black which gave the order to write a requiem. Mozart feels the death. Salieri meantime pour poison into Mozart's glass of wine. Mozart worship cup, drink wine, and before he went out he exposed a part of requiem on piano. After the departure of Mozart, Salieri asked a question: Does indeed - genius is incompatible with evil!

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