The Sleeping Beauty

Libretto: I. Vsevolojski şi M. Petipa
After the story by Charles Perault

Choreography: Marius Petipa
Editor Constantin Sergheev (Sank Petersburg)
Set Designer: Veaceslav Ocunev
Costume Designer: Irina Press

World Premiere: 3 January 1890, at Mariinsky Theatre, Sank-Petersburg.
Premiere in Chisinau: 5 February 1965, at Moldavian State Theatre of Opera and Ballet 
Premiere of the last version: 15 April 1989, at Moldovan State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet 

The protagonists

Princess Aurora
Prince Dezire
Bad fairy Carabosse
Fairy  of Liliac flower
Fairy of delicacy
Fairy of Vivacity
Fairy of Generosity
Canary bird
Little Aurora
The king Florestan the XIV -th
The friend

The blue bird
Princess Florina
Little Red Riding Hood
The wolf 
The white cat
Puss in boots


“Through the music of profound ideas, P. Tchaikovsky gives the possibility to the dancers to form powerful conflicts of clearly defined characters through dance and pantomime.”.

Iosif Sava


The king anxiously awaits the birth of his only child. At last the infant arrives. The king calls for a grand christening celebration to which all the fairies of the kingdom are invited to bestow their blessings on his daughter, Aurora. As the fairies present their gifts of beauty, grace, generosity, song, and temperament, they are interrupted by the arrival of Carabosse; she is enraged and insulted that the king forgot to invite her to the ceremony. Carabosse announces her curse that Aurora will one day prick her finger and die. Luckily the Lilac Fairy has yet to give her present. She declares that although Aurora will prick her finger she will not die. Instead she will fall into a deep sleep from which she will be awoken after a hundred years by the kiss of a prince.

Carabosse and her entourage prepare the poisoned needle and hide it in a bouquet of flowers for Aurora.


It is Aurora's 18th birthday. Since the night of her birth, the King had ordered that all sharp objects be kept out of the kingdom so she could not hurt herself. His rules were broken, however, on the night of her party. During the celebration, Carabosse disguises herself again, this time as a beautiful seamstress, and presents Princess Aurora with a beautiful tapestry. Enchanted by its beauty, Princess Aurora grabs the tapestry and pricks her finger on a needle that Carabosse secretly embedded. Carabosse laughs in victory and runs out of the castle. Remembering the spell she had cast before, Lilac Fairy appears to make sure Princess Aurora fell asleep. Lilac Fairy casts a spell on the entire family and court to fall asleep ensuring them of their safety.


One hundred years later in a dark forest, a Prince by the name of Florimund is hunting with his friends. He leaves his friends and insists on being alone. Lilac Fairy hears the commotion and ventures out to Prince Florimund. He tells her that he is lonely and is in need of love. She has the perfect idea. She presents an image of Princess Aurora to him and he instantly falls in love.

She leads him to the castle to rescue the beautiful Princess and put an end to the evil fairy, Carabosse. Lilac Fairy reveals the hidden castle to Prince Florimund. Just when Prince Florimund steps into the castle doorway, Carabosse appears before him. She will not let him pass and a battle quickly follows. Prince Florimund finally overpowers her and he races into the castle. Knowing the only way to break the spell, he quickly finds Princess Aurora and kisses her. The spell is broken and Carabosse is finally defeated. Princess Aurora and her entire family wake up from their deep sleep. Princess Aurora accepts Prince Florimund's proposal for marriage and her family approves.


The palace must be prepared for the wedding. The dust of the ages must be cleaned, and a wedding dress must be made for Aurora. The Fairies return for the celebration along with the fairy tale characters of the Bluebird and Princess Florine, Puss in Boots and the White Cat. Everyone joins in a dance of celebration. Finally Florimund and Princess Aurora are married and receive the blessing of the Lilac Fairy.

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