Libretto: A.Alonso
After the story by P. Merime
Scenario, Choreography: P.Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Set Designer: D.Kirov
Costume Designer: D.Kirov
Music Director: L.Hudolei

World Premiere: 20 april 1967, at Great Theatre Moscow.
Premiere in Chisinau: 13 february 1971, at Moldovan State Theatre of Opera and Ballet 

The protagonists




„The art has the aim to play the life and her primary goal is to obtain the truth”.

Constantin Stanislavski

The action takes place in Spain in 1820

In the first scene, we meet Carmen, a beautiful and sultry girl working in a cigarette factory.  She has an argument with another girl and cuts her face.  Carmen is arrested by a sergeant, Jose, who is attracted to her.

At the barracks jail, Carmen convinces Jose to set her free. While Jose is on guard in the town, Carmen persuades him to allow the smuggler band to which she belongs, pass out of the city.  But Jose follows them and becomes one of them.

At the gypsy camp of the smugglers, Carmen and Jose share a moment of passion.

Later at a tavern, Escamillo, a toreador, is fascinated by Carmen. Jose discovers this and is consumed with jealousy.

At the gypsy camp, Camen's fate is revealed to her by a fortune teller.

Hunted by soldiers as a fugitive, Jose becomes desperate as he watches Carmen escort the toreador to the bullfight. Jose pleads with Carmen to come back to him, she refuses and he stabs her in a jealous rage.

Valentin Elizariev about “Carmen”

"Listening to Bizet-Shchedrin's music, I saw my Carmen, different from other Carmens. For me she is not only an unusual woman, proud and uncompromising, and not only a symbol of love.

She is a hymn of love; love pure, honest, burning, demanding, love with a colossal upsurge of feelings that none of the men whom she met was worthy of. For her love is the essence of life.

No one could understand and value her internal world, hidden, behind dazzling beauty. Carmen passionately loved Jose. Her love transformed the coarse, limited, soldier, enlarged him, opened the way to spiritual happiness, but for Carmen his embraces soon turn into chains.

Drunk with emotion, Jose does not try to understand Carmen. He begins to love not her, but his passion for her...

She might love Torero who is not indifferent to her beauty. But Torero, outwardly gallant, sparkling, fearless, is internally inert, cold and incapable of fighting for love. A man like him cannot love the proud and demanding Carmen".

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