Choreography: Boris Eifman (Sank Petersburg)
Set Designer: Semion Pastuh (Sank Petersburg)
Costume: Ecaterina Rapai (Sank Petersburg)
Music Director: Alexandru Samoilă Artist al Poporului

World Premiere: 22 august 1991, Sank Petersburg
Premiere in Chisinau: 11 october 2007, at National Theatre of Opera and Ballet

The protagonists




„"Requiem" expressed my attitude to Mozart's music and choreography of human existence by means of fantasy”.

Boris Eifman

"Requiem" is the most dramatic and creative philosophical creation of Mozart, is the last work of the composer, written in the last year of his life in1791. Mozart worked even until the moment of death on this monumental work which merged the artistic experience and a huge unsurpassed craftsmanship. On his bed, suffering, he gave indications of his pupil Xaver Sussmayer, conductor and composer, the last part of the work that could not be composed entirely by hand and was only sketched.

The circumstances in which the composer wrote the opera he expresses the richness of feelings, ideas, emotions and moods that we find on his paper. Sick and poor, Mozart had the news from his friends that he was ready to give music lessons even to the beginners. In this hard material situation with an additional condition of his wife illness in one day he got a visit of a stranger that ordered a Requiem - vocal-symphonic works intended to be performed at funeral ceremonies. The stranger gave 50 ducats to composer following to complete this sum at the end of creation. Some of Mozart's biographers in those times, when composers often lived in orders received from amateur to release the hand - a strange explanation, presenting the visitor known as a "harbinger of death".

After that the widow of composer said about this case in details. The unknown was a servant of Count Walsegg, an amateur who used to buy works by composers who were poor after that being recognized like his ones. After Mozart's death Walsegg took the money back. The first audition of "Requiem" is held in Viennaafter one year of Mozart’s death being organized by van Swieten a friend of the composer. The work is composed of 12 parties based on the lyrics of Latin text from XIII century and six liturgical texts that are part of the funeral service. » Requiem" is written for four voices singers (soprano, alto, tenor and bass), mixed chorus and orchestra.

"Not another show I was more honest ..."
"Silence gives us eternal God, and eternal light
Thee and appropriate, a God of Zion, Cintura and prayers in Jerusalem
Hear my prayer, to You all flesh comes ...
Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy ... "
"Listening to Mozart's Requiem you feel the breath of eternity. All anxieties and fears disappear. You are entered by an unconscious feeling of divine mystery. From where do they come? Why does it exist? Who are they?

How come this world, what awaits us and how will we leave it? ... Back to the beginning, the memories of the heavy and happy days lived.

No another show I was more honest, so naked within, as in "Requiem" of Mozart's. You can accept or ignore, but it remains to be past, present and my future foreboding. 

"Requiem" expresses my attitude to the music of Mozart and human existence by means fancy choreography. Therefore, we invented the concept of movement of life from death to birth and back to death therefore - to eternal immortality. In this show found their symbolic representation of all stages of human life - youth, maturity and old age. 

Boris Eifman


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