In Chisinau came the patriarch of the world lyric art, the spiritual manager of Opera and Ballet National Theatre from Republic of Moldova IOAN HOLENDER

His Excellency, the General Manager of the Wiener Staatsoper has managed it for 20 years (now he is the strategic advisor of Metropolitan Opera House from New York and Opera from Tokyo). Ioan Holender is an outstanding personality with a world renown (Order holder for Arts and Letters given by France in 1999, The Star of Romania Order in the rank of Grand Officer in 2001, Cross of Honor for Science and Art granted by the President of Austria in 1995, Golden Medal for a lot of services made for Vienna city in 1998 ) he visited for the first time the National Theatre from Republic of Moldova accepting the invitation of General Manager Valeria Şeican. The master was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the performance of our troupe and this news gives us the confidence to realize a lot of artistic projects. 


The visit of Mr. Ioan Holender to Chisinau was possible supported by the Foundation for development of Republic of Moldova called EDELWESS. We are extremely delighted to have such a partner that is open for art and we thank for everything to its founder Mr. Vladimir Plahotniuc.


         On 10 September 2010 at the great opening of International Festival called „Invită Maria Bieşu” His Excellency Ioan Holender spoke about our image in the international cultural circle mentioning the future collaboration between National Theatre of Opera and Ballet - Wiener Staatsoper – Metropolitan Opera New York – Opera Tokyo. He also thanked to the canto and ballet school from Republic of Moldova for two stars which represent our country in Staatsoper Viena – Tatiana Lisnic, opera soloist and Mihail Sosnovschi, the first ballet soloist.


On 11 September the Master organized auditions to our opera soloists combining the audition with a master course of canto. At the audition participated Bantea Nicolae, Racoviţă Petru, Ceaichevşciuc Sergiu,Ţîbulco Oleg, Tverdohlib Anastasia, Caradja Valeriu, Timofti Ion, Botnarciuc Alexei, Bulicanu Mariana, Dimitriu Ana, Picireanu Rodica, Radiş Marina, Stoianova Nadejda, Ţurcan Igor, Vlad Galina, Maimescu Iurie.


His Excellency was surprised by the native value of soloists’ innate vocal talent, providing support and taking the engagement to promote them. The result of future collaboration of National Theatre and Vienna, New-York and Tokyo Theatre will mark the future evolution of our theatre.


 There was established a strategic program to exploit the artistic and creative potential of Opera and Ballet National Theatre and Ioan Holender offered his support in the integration process of our artists in the world lyric family.


Participating the artists from 9 countries we can confirm that our theatre has an European trend.

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