Iurie Maimescu III prize and Bronze medal At the category “Opera Performance Art” International Vocal Competition in Memoryof Antonina Nezhdanova Odessa, Ukraine 08-16 October 2010

In the period 8- 16 October 2010 in Odessa, Ukraine take place the first edition of International Vocal Competition in Memory of Antonina Nezhdanova.


The competition was held in two categories: “Opera Performance Art” and “Concert Chamber Vocal Art” and there participated over 70 of soloists of 9 countries (China, Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland etc.).


The Jury Chairmen was Bela Rudenko People’s Artist of the USSR (Russian Federation). Among other jury members were Galina Polivanova (Ukraine), Svetlana Afonina (Switzerland), Alexei Baklan (Ukraine), Victor Bockman (Switzerland), Caroline Dumas (France), Constantin Pluzhnicov (Russian Federation), Vladimir Prudnikov (Lithuania), Zhao Yun Hong (China). The General Manager of the contest was the Ukrainian Professor and Academician Alexandr Sokol.


The Republic of Moldova at this competition was presented by Iurie Maimescu (bas) , the soloist of the National Opera and Ballet Theatre in category “Opera Performance Art” taking the III prize and Bronze medal.


Both the jury and public appreciated the talent and unique skills of the young soloist.

Moreover, the honor guest of the contest, the General Manager of the Theatre „Luigi Pirandello” in the city Agrigento (Sicilia, Italy), conductor Onofrio Claudio Gallina, gave an exceptional invitation to the laureate of our Republic to sing in „Luigi Pirandello” in summer August 2011.


The success of National Opera soloist is indisputable and it again demonstrates the professionalism, talent and unique skills of national artists who know and manage to lead the fame across national borders being highly appreciated by the great personalities of artistic universe. They represents the pride of our Republic.

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