European Gates are opened for National Opera

For any theatre tours abroad represent one of the most effective and even indispensable means of propaganda of the national art within international plan. At the same time presentation of performances outside the stage constitutes a mobilized incentive for our artistic and technical group of the theatre, being a “barometer” on artistic level of our troupe.

Last years NTOB continued successfully to go abroad of the republic, having an access in the West, presenting performances on a high artistic level in European countries with rich cultural tradition (Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, etc.). Wherever the troupe activated, NTOB (being an opera or a ballet) was happy of a real success conforming many times professional value of our collectives. This statement is proved by enduring applause and ovations of spectators as well as positive chronics from the foreign press.

Last 12 years the most frequent destination of TNOB tours is Great Britain owing to effective cooperation with Impresario Agency “International Opera & Ballet” run by Mrs. Ellen Kent. At this period of time troupe from Chisinau had a possibility to show performances before music lovers from ten Britain towns, among which we can enumerate the most important cultural centers such as: Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Dublin (Ireland). Our presence in England repeatedly culminated showing performances which were held on one of the most famous lyrical stage in the world – Royal Albert Hall from England. In 2004, one journalist of BBC noted: “I became acquainted with artists from Chisinau in England, in Royal Albert Hall, where they had rehearsals for the performance “Turandot” by Puccini. Performance was played in the closed house; all tickets have been sold six months before”. We are proud of our troupe to be the first in the ex-Soviet society, which had a chance to show its worth on this prestigious stage.

Just in 2006, troupe of Moldavian Lyric presented in the United Kingdom more than 160 performances of opera and ballet (“M-me Butterfly”, “Swan-Lake”, “Coppelia”, “The sleeping Beauty”, “Romeo and Juliet”) where there were presented very many spectators – over 150 000. In the same year National Opera for the fist time presented in its tour a performance of operetta. Thus, operetta “Die Fledermaus” - a project realized in common with English impresario, was put on the stage in English, especially to be presented to Britain public. Directorate of the performance, who rejoiced at considerable success in Great Britain, bears Mrs. Ellen Kent’s signature in collaboration with Mihai Timofti.

Their merit is that in conditions of any financial precarious situation in which for the last decade not only TNOB but majority of theatre institutions from the republic were found, performances held in the West served fairly a life buoy for our group. Thanks to tours our artists enjoy permanently the moneyed assistance, but the theatre has recently had a possibility to purchase from incomes obtained as a result of departures abroad musical instruments necessary for our orchestra, such as: horns, harp, trombones, etc. Also our theatre purchased from the same sources equipment of insonation achievement.

Thus, we mention the glad moment that TNOB managed to renew decorations and dresses at performances “M-me Butterfly”, “Nabucco”, “Carmen”, “Aida”, “Romeo and Juliet”, etc., which have been in deplorable state till recently. This work was realized with support of impresario from Great Britain – Mrs. Ellen Kent.

In the last period Opera from Chisinau participated in many international festivals from which it received laureates and reviews from professional critics. Here are the most important participations: Festival of ART from Doha (Qatar, 2004), where the troupe from Chisinau presented an opera “Carmen”; prestigious Festival Beiteddine from Lebanon (2004), held in centenary palace at approach of Beirut, in which our collective showed opera “Turandot”. But in 2001, the troupe from Chisinau inaugurated International Festival of Music and Dance from Thailand, Bangkok, with opera “Traviata” and “M-me Butterfly”. At present TNOB received an invitation to participate in this Festival in 2008.

In final, I would like to precise that today theatre directorate makes all efforts for extend geographical area of tours realized by TNOB, seeking for new ways of collaboration. Thus, in the near future we intend to go abroad in Italy, Belgium, England, and Germany. The first step is taken.  At the beginning of 2007 the troupe of ballet presented 10 performances and a ballet “Nutcracker” in many German cities.

In conclusion, I can affirm, paraphrasing an English chronicler that “last years Opera became the most important “invisible product” of Moldavian people’s export”.

Andrei Lozovan,
General Director of National Theatre of Opera and Ballet

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