Adriana Lecouvreur

Oiginal name: Adriana Lecouvreur
Libretto: Arturo Colautti
After the drama of Eugène Scribe and Ernest Legouvé
Set director: Iurii Alexandrov (Sankt Petersburg)
Set designer: Veaceslav Ocunev
Costume designer: Irina Press
Choreography: Gali Abaidulov (Sankt Petersburg)
Music director: Alexandru Samoilă Artist al Poporului
World premiere: 6 noiembrie 1902, at Liric Theatre, Milano.
Premiere in Chisinau: 5 may, 1984, at State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet „A.S.Pushkin”.  
Premiere of the last version: september 14, 1996, at National Opera, Republic of Moldova.

The protagonists

Adriana Lecouvreur, an actress at the Comedie Francaise
Maurizio, Count of Saxony
Michonnet, stage manager at the Comedie Francaise
La Principessa di Bouillon
Il Principe di Bouillon, her husband, an amateur chemist
L'Abate, the Abbe of Chazeuil
Mlle. Jouvenot
Mlle. Dangeville

Quinault, members of the Comedie Francaise
u n Maggiordomo




“The art has the aim to express the life and its essential goal
is to obtain the truth”.

Constantin Stanislavski

The history of creation

The life of great french singer Adriana Lecouvreur (1692-1730), was in the viewfinder of many composers of. XIX, XX centuries. Before Francesco Cilea it has been already written operas with the same title: Adriana Lecouvreur by Tommaso Benvenuti (1857), Edoardo Vera (1858) and Ettore Perosio (1889). But no one among the last mentioned wasn’t kept in the repertoire of lirical theatres.Having a special fate and a particular subject the opera of Cilea was situated toghether with other italian classic operas gaining a world reputation.

the first picture.

“In make up room the actors make the last preparations before concert. Stage director Michonnet still gives some indications. Arrives the prince de Bouillon accompanied by L'Abate de Chazeuil. He is known like a lover of theatre and famous for his gallant adventures with actresses. The attention of the prince was paid by a famous actress with the name Adriana Leucouvreur that was preoccupied with her role in the performance .He makes some flattering compliments to her but like answer she confesses about her artistic creed. The Prince de Bouillon find out that actress Duclos – his last adventure is in the cabin where she is writing a letter. Doubfully, he decides to find out to whom it is written. Being together with Adriana alone in the room the Stage Director Michonnet wanted to tell about his love but he couldn’t do this because she has began to tell about her love for Maurizio and she is waiting him that night. He arrives soon and their date gives a fillip for their love. They decide to have a date after performance and Adriana gives her bouquet of violets. Prince de Bouillon succeeds to take the letter of actress Duclos where she fixed a night date to Maurizio. Being angry, he planes to surprise her, and he invites all the actors of this performance to a party in her villa, without knowing that the letter was send by his wife. Coming back on stage, Adriana gets an invitation of Price in interest of her lover, Maurizio, together participating to soiree and she doesn’t know that the marshal is Maurizio.

The second picture

Replying to the letter sent by princess de Bouillon, Maurizio comes to the date in the villa of actress Duclos. Their discussion makes the princess jealous because she feels the presence of another woman. In order to not appear questions; Maurizio gives bouquet of violets to his lover, Adriana. Some steps of the guests is heard there and the princess hides in another above room before her husband the prince de Bouillon will surprise her. The guests arrive. Adriana Lecouvreur is also invited and admired by all the guests. She founds out that marshal de Saxa, the hero acclaimed was Maurizio, the hero of his love dream. He asked for help in order to save the honor of a woman and he will have to not see her. In the darkness of the room where she was hidden, Adriana goes and helps her to escape without knowing who she was both thinks that they are rival.

Act two
the third picture

In palace of prince de Bouillon it is making preparations for ball where were invited the elite guests and actress Lecouvreur too. Adriana is followed with interest by princess de Bouillon and she recognized the voice heard in that night.In order to found out the truth she makes an announcement that the marshal de Saxa will not come at ball being arrested because of some politic intrigues and debts. She added that the marshal was hurt in a duel.The fear seen in the eyes of actress makes princess jealous knowind about her love for Maurizio. The quarrel between those two women is finished with a fragment from Fedra recited by Lecouvreur on the guest’s requirement. Those hard words full of tension are like a charge for princess de Bouillon, accusations being grounded.

The fourth picture.

Understanding that her love is deceived, Adriana is staying in her room toghether with stage director Michonnet and she is almost destroyed. Her colegues are trying to cheer her through presents but after she remains alone a courier brings a packet from Maurizio. Thrilling, Adriana takes the packet and she is staggering because of the pain. Inside were violets given in name of their love. She gives the last kiss to the petals and after that she throws away the flowers in fire. But she hears the voice of her lover and after some moments Adriana holds him strongly. But is too late, the poison that was on the flowers makes the last victim .It was sent by the princess de Bouillon. The actress Adriana Lecouvreur is playing the last performance-her death.

1 Constantinescu, G., Caraman-Fotea, D. Ghid de operă. – Bucureşti, 1971.

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